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Links I Love: This Month in Influencer Marketing

Greetings! There has been a lot cooking in the influencer marketing and content space, but no surprise there. I’ve rounded up the most interesting posts in the last month along with some great case studies to review. I am always amazed at how much more there is to learn. I love it. This will be my last post of the year! So, follow me on Twitter where I share more up-to-the-minute articles.

24 Latinx Beauty Influencers You Should Know (StyleCaster)

Here’s an impressive list of some of the biggest, as well as up and coming latina beauty bloggers to know!

‘We’re in the dark’: Asics wades warily into micro-influencer marketing (Digiday)

Asics jumps into the deep end working with micro-influencers to see if they can get more bang for their buck, but they’re concerned about the real ROI. If they don’t see results fast, they’ll have to pivot. This is a riveting read.

“That’s what authenticity looks like”: How brick-and-mortar businesses can leverage influencer marketing (Glossy)

This notable article demonstrates that when you do your homework on engaging with the right type of influencers you want to work with, it can make a big difference. Pro tip - always, always, always look for the main location of an influencer’s audience. The more granular, the better.

Inside the launch of Something Navy, Nordstrom’s first influencer-created brand (Glossy)

More and more brands are launching strategic long-term partnerships (as mentioned in my last blog post) in the form of brands and collection collaborations. And I’m here for it! Lane Bryant and Pretty Little Thing are no stranger to these types of partnerships as well.

The Risks of Influencers (L2)

Be careful with mega influencers. They are effective in helping build brand awareness, but you still need to implement a micro approach, especially if you want real conversions.

Here is a list of case studies and white papers that are worth your time!

Influencer Data Mapping White Paper (CreatorIQ)

2018 State of the Creator Economy Study (IZEA)

10 Interesting Influencer Marketing Case Studies to Get Inspired By (

Any news you’d like to share? Post in the comments!

Links I love: This Month In Influencer Marketing and Content

From creating strategies around Instagram Stories to creating smart experiential activations for customers, here are the best links I’ve found on the subject of content and influencer marketing over the past month. Enjoy!

Video Is The Holy Grail of Influencer Marketing (Forbes)

Great article on the impact of video. I am a huge proponent of using Stories in the campaigns I work on with my clients. It makes a big impact.

The Hidden Influencer (L2)

Solid case study on being aware of your brand advocates and actually engaging with them to build momentum. It really is a prime example of thinking small to achieve a big impact.

"Everything You Do Is Content" (Beauty Independent)

Create ‘content moments’ with pop-ups and various out-of-the-box experiences that your customers and influencers can get excited about.

Instagram Shopping gets personalized Explore channel, Stories tags (TechCrunch)

Game changer alert! Instagram expands the use of shoppable tags to Stories. I am super excited to test this out with my upcoming campaigns.

Olay Wants To Be Young Again (L2)

I was obsessed with what Olay created for their #FaceAnything campaign. It was a multi-pronged approach that was spot-on and inspiring in many ways. Every brand has the opportunity to incorporate a positive message while simultaneously selling product.

Indie Index: Briogeo (L2)

Aside from being a personal fan of Briogeo products, the brand and its founder are one to watch. Briogeo has been very strategic on it’s journey to becoming the fastest growing hair care brand at Sephora. Check out the video on how they did it.

Long-Term Partnerships: The Next Wave of Influencer Marketing (Forbes)

While I do not 100% agree with long-term partnerships being the “next wave,” given that this has been going on for quite some time between brands and influencers, it does shed light on this approach, and proves that it is the best method for creating brand ambassadors.

The Future of Content Strategy (HubSpot)

If you are currently implementing a content strategy, read this now. The content marketing landscape is changing fast, and you may need to update your strategy sooner rather than later.

Any news you’d like to share? Post in the comments!

Links I Love: This Month in Influencer Marketing

My goodness. A lot has gone down in the space. More and more  fraudulent behavior has come to the surface, but I assure you, we will rise above it. Now more than ever, we must vet, vet, vet. And take the time to learn more about the influencers we do business with. It seems to be a weird time of volatility, but I do think the fakes will slowly fade away (FINALLY!) and leave the cream of the crop. Check out what’s happening!

Your Hashtags Sucks (Medium)

Great write-up on how to use hasthags appropriately and maintain engagement as a brand. I think this is an important one for emerging brands. Presently, hashtag overuse is a faux pas. And while I don’t agree with everything in this article, I do like the point of tagging feature accounts.

Fighting Follower Fraud (CreatorIQ) CreatorIQ and FullScreen put together a free white paper addressing the injustice of influencer fraud and safeguarding your brand and resources. It’s all about the data baby.

Influencers Drive Nearly 70% of Sales at Revolve (Glossy)

Revolve provides a BTS glimpse into their tiered approach for working with influencers and their ‘why’ behind partnering with influencers.

YouTuber Jaclyn Hill just got very real about how much influencers actually earn (Cosmopolitan)

All the juicy YouTube gossip condensed in one article and what you can learn from Jaclyn Hill, Makeup Geek and Morphe.

Beauty influencers are allegedly making extra money for negative reviews (The Verge)

Just when you think it can’t get any worse in the beauty community, It does. Unethical behaviour at its finest.

Influencer Marketing: Why EMV needs to go…(Traackr)

Unfortunately, I have had to succumb to the EMV in my career, but have never really been on board with it as a useful metric to help determine a contribution to ROI.

Tales From The Influencer Marketing Trenches (Beauty Independent)

Great takeaways directly from indie brands sharing their experiences with influencer programs.

These 5 Hijabi Beauty Influencers Are Taking Over Instagram (About Her)

I love that that the beauty industry is becoming more and more inclusive. Here is a group of modest influencers to consider for your next campaign.

Any news you’d like to share? Post in the comments!