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Links I Love: This Month in Content and Influencer Marketing

It has been a minute since I’ve put together a round-up about what’s happening in content and influencer marketing, and I feel like it’s about time. Today’s post will highlight how to spring clean your influencer strategy, what Benefit Cosmetics is up to (because they’re always shaking things up over there with innovative marketing strategies), and demystifying social media algorithms. Lastly, please sign-up on the VIP list for my upcoming course to get the scoop before everyone else does! 🙏

How To Spring Clean Your Influencer Marketing Strategy (AspireIQ)

A quick post that suggests a few tweaks to increase the impact of your strategy for the rest of 2019.

5 Things Brands Need to Know About Interior Design Influencers (AspireIQ)

Do you have a home decor brand? Yep, this is the article for you. Aspire chatted with a few ID influencers to find out how they like to work with home brands--straight from the horse’s mouth. It includes some great insight.

Instagram’s Long-Awaited Checkout Feature Is Finally Here (AdWeek)

On March 19, Instagram allowed customers to start purchasing products they see on Instagram directly in the app. A few of the lucky brands included in this beta program is Nike, Adidas, Zara, Outdoor Voices and Warby Parker. It will be interesting to see how this plays out. And good news for those of you who use Shopify and BigCommerce, as Instagram is partnering closely with these folks to offer the most integrative experience.

Decoding The Social Media Algorithms In 2019. The Ultimate Guide (Ste Davies)

It is even challenging for me to keep up with all of the algorithm changes, so it’s important to bookmark favorite social media news sources so I am not always catching up. Thankfully this post does a great job of breaking down how algorithms work and what to expect in the future.

Benefit Launches In-House Influencer ‘Hub’ (Talking Influence)

To bridge the gap between their marketing team and influencers, Benefit has newly created its own in-house influencer agency to ensure they are diligent about their strategy, use of budget and tracking ROI. It is a testament to how powerful this type of marketing has been for the brand, and they are wisely allocating the proper resources to make sure it continues to be.

Teri’s Take: Calvin Klein’s TikTok Campaign, Instagram’s Latest Update and What Consumers Think About Branded Content (AspireIQ)

Check this out: “After seeing a significant drop in sales, Calvin Klein shifted their focus away from the runway and towards social media, in particular, the popular social media app TikTok. The brand debuted its first TikTok campaign, which was the latest iteration of its “My Calvins” ads, and featured celebrities and influencers with cultural capital among younger consumers. Within 24 hours of launching the campaign on TikTok, it became the most-viewed digital campaign the brand has ever done, with over 10 times the engagement of the famous campaign it ran with Justin Bieber in 2015.” This is a must-read.

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